From the past to the daily fashion

Is fashion a good fit for a person, or does it make things look good to him? Or does it reflect “us” or “we want to be”?

Maybe fashion, both of them, and none of them … The way of living, behaving, thinking, peculiar to an atmosphere is a fact connected to everything new … Because it is a place where fashion is not found, a behavior that does not affect it, Can not speak. Historians have shown in all societies that jewelery and clothing are symbols of richness, the adopted religion or social status, as well as an ornate character.
In the last 30 years, the evolution of fashion has been paralleled by contemporary divisions in society, increasing diversity, complex relationships among social groups and growing communication between different social groups. The changes in the dominant style were rapidly transmitted to the persons in the different classes. In this process, people in the upper class played a big role as models.
This fragmentation within and among the social classes in society caused the fashion to develop in 3 distinct categories: luxury designer fashion, industrial fashion and street style. These 3 categories are linked by a weak bond: on the luxury designer style of the street style, they have some effects on the industrial fashion.
The importance of these three category associations is based on various fashion organizations and their relationships with customers.
Paris, New York and London, which are the centers of fashion world, are important from different angles. In every country, fashion designers support one kind of role, just as they see themselves as artists, artist-craftsmen or entrepreneurs …
New York designers, most of whom are lifestyle experts, are experts in creating real or fanciful outfits that show specific lifestyles. London’s designers are in close contact with young people, with the creators in various popular cultures influencing fashion, and the environment that is made up of ugly, destructive, and untested designs that bring them in is closer.
Fashion sources have been influenced by many influences, the trends have changed throughout history. At the end of these things, it started to get complicated. If we look at the history of fashion in history, we can understand these changes and effects better.

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